Our team consists of dedicated and devoted account managers, plus a network of 5000 linguists and 380 employees worldwide, who can all be reached 24/7.


We translate documents such as Medical Reports, Marriage/Birth Certificates, Diplomas/Degrees, Driving Licences, Court Papers, Title Deeds, Bank Docs, CVs, Company Brochures, Contracts, Project Presentations/Plans, User Manuals, Power of Attorneys, MOAs, MOUs and more.


Our translations can be used at governmental departments such as the Courts, Home Office, RTA, Banks, Police Stations, at Embassies etc and can be used for Visa/Immigration purposes etc.


We translate professionally in over 130 languages including all major languages; English, Arabic, French, German, Urdu, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Farsi, Portuguese, Chinese, Ukrainian, Greek, Polish, Korean, Hindi, Armenian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Italian, Thai, Hungarian, Panjabi, Montenegrin, Bengali, Bulgarian, Amharic, Tajik, Dutch, Czech, Azerbaijani, Serbian, Kurdish, Indonesian etc. Whatever your language we have the personnel to do it.


The world’s most successful organisations know that potential customers can be anywhere, which is why Lang247 has built up a contact base of specialised linguists in virtually every field including; Engineering, Legal, Marketing, Business, Politics, Academic, Medical, Hospitality, Technical, Automotive, Financial, Commercial, Pharmaceutical, Literature, Sciences, Electronics, Websites, Apps, Hardware, Software, Telecommunications etc.


Office hours or not, remote working enables us to be available 24/7. Call, Email or WhatsApp us anytime and we will reply to you promptly. For the majority of the time we are able to remotely complete the translation process from beginning to end without you having to leave the comfort of your home.Get in touch with us and our experts will guide you through the easy process.



We are a trusted global translations provider of many private and public institutions around the world. We have a number of offices worldwide including in UAE, UK and USA which means we can turnaround jobs quickly and we can translate documents in the correct context. From individuals‘ translation requirements to leading companies of the world we provide translations for all..


Lang247 translation services provide multilingual versions of entire websites, PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats, as well as business reports, presentations and internal communications. Our professional teams are proficient in translating technical documents, be it appendices, application notes, data books or even packaging guides..


Lang247 can be called upon to help during the process of developing, marketing and enhancing sites in various languages. No matter how small or large your website is, we can help you translate your content for a worldwide market in both a simple and profitable way. Lang247’s translation services help clients expand their business for a global platform in international markets. By converting their ordinary websites into multilingual platforms, they help take businesses to new levels. With translators located all the around world and XYZ languages available, Lang247 helps you provide localized content using website translation options to meet your business’ vision. Lang247 translation services help localize your website by providing premium translations. We can adapt your website content to a linguist and cultural context to target your specific market. Lang247 translation services can provide you with website globalization specialists who will provide high-value content for your chosen markets and turn your business into a global enterprise..


To compete in the global market, you need certain keywords to help strengthen your website’s authority. Lang247 translation services will use local translators with an understanding of SEO to research appropriate keywords. This will mean you’ll achieve higher search rankings, helping you compete in international markets.


Early in Lang247’s history, it became clear that the legal industry was in need of significant and specialised translation skills. As Lang247 grew, top law firms and corporations began to join our customer base.


Whether you’re a corporation looking to adapt and target your branding, marketing and advertising for new markets, or an agency working towards these goals on a client’s behalf, Lang247 multicultural marketing solutions can help you maximise your impact. Significant time and energy goes into producing your source-language copy so make sure it does not go to waste when you translate it into another language. Don’t weaken your global efforts by settling for average. We will carefully translate while keeping the context and essence of the original content. Our linguists will ensure your content is sure to make an impact.


The world of technology is on a constant forward path, ever moving and changing. Companies that drive these changes, such as those that produce hardware and software, or those that create product networks, solutions and other innovative technologies are faced with rapidly changing market conditions and broad opportunities for international growth. Lang247 offers language solutions to support these organizations. From product manuals and packaging, to websites and support materials, our team will ensure you’re able to reach your customer base with content in their preferred language.


With so many people researching and booking travel online, your specialized needs to take the right steps to ensure it stands out from the competition. Whether you’re an airline, hotel, car rental agency, cruise line, destination or online travel agency, one critical factor is how you reach potential customers in their preferred language. Lang247 is the most trusted provider of language services for travel and hospitality organisations worldwide. Our pecialized linguists will translate your material appropriately for your target markets enabling you to attract new customers, cultivate relationships and build consumer loyalty.



Expert translation services are a given at Lang247. Our multilingual team will translate almost any media and live broadcast transcripts given to us. Whether you’re looking for medical, legal or corporate transcription, Lang247 translation services are the people you want.


If you’re having problems with multicultural marketing, Lang247 translation services has the solution. By using transcreation and copy adaptation services, it allows you to target the local market by creating taglines, headlines and other creative material. If they were directly translated, forms such as idioms, subtext, rhymes etc. may be misunderstood and negatively affect your marketing, Lang247 helps avoid these errors so your message is delivered seamlessly. We do this because we know marketing language is different from regular translation.


Lang247 translation services will help localize your software and applications for your global customers. Our localization software team provides the best strategies to localize software and applications for global utilization, taking your company to new heights.


The Lang247 translation services team will translate the user interface string by removing any twists in the source language so they are not transferred into the target language. Lang247 with Translation Memory (TM) pledges a standardization of translation to ultimately assemble the source code into an executable code, ensuring flawless final results.


Lang247 translation services will provide multilingual and concise subtitling for client content, ensuring it has good intelligibility. We have many phases of subtitling such as:

  • Spotting the footage: We analyse the timing of each subtitle to harmonise and balance it with the audio.
  • We adjust the characters in accordance with the timing of each subtitle to maintain concise translation from the original context.
  • Our skilled team checks the translated text with image and audio.
  • Globalization Strategy
  • Last but not least, modification of errors and readjustment of text is done if necessary.
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